1-IMG_3044bWelcome to my website. I’m Christie and I’m delighted you’ve taken the time to visit!

If you’re looking to find passion, romance, and an authentic heart and soul connection, you’ve come to the right place. I invite you to join me in a delightful dive into bliss – an exceptional escape from the stresses and pressures of your daily life – into the healing power of love. Come on a lavish, satisfying journey with me.

  • Do you feel under constant pressure?
  • Do lots of people depend on you?
  • Does the world seem a little crazy and upside down?
  • Do you work hard taking care of all the people and responsibilities in your life?
  • Are you overstimulated, overscheduled, and overcommitted?
  • Would you like to just relax for once?

You deserve to be gently returned to the love and nurturing tenderness all humans crave…

I’m a mature, playful woman. Fun and classy with an open mind and a loving heart. Genuine and easy to be with, I’m passionate about breaking out of limiting, out-dated cultural paradigms. My intention is to create a better world by cultivating love and tenderness. It’s my desire to fill you up with beauty, aliveness, and genuine connection.

My calling and mission in life as a Sacred Intimate is focused on loving presence, real connection, and deep, authentic experience. I am a teacher, tantrika, confidante, counselor, playmate, priestess, and muse. My style is warm, open-minded, collaborative and experiential. My training includes heart-centered, mindfulness-based, body-honoring, playful methods. Together we’ll surrender into a delicious journey that honors all of you and me – mind, body, and spirit.

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~Unabashed Living

Most people agree that nourishing food, peaceful sleep, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are essential for physical and emotional health. Affection, soul intimacy, deep connection, feeling loved; those are also essential to being healthy – as vital to our well being as air or food. Just simple touch brings a deep wellness to life. 

Adventure with me into untamed, innocent explorations of trust, intuitive touch, and unconditional love where your worries and stresses will become a distant memory. Think of it as a different kind of workout, one that effortlessly reconnects you with the essence of who you truly are.

Relax and let go….

Our puritanical culture has taught us that pleasure is bad, the body is bad, and that we ourselves are bad just for being alive. No wonder we seek out food, alcohol, television, porn, overwork, and other unhealthy escapes. 

However, in ancient traditions they believed that:
~Our bodies are divine temples
~Touch is a sacred language
~Bliss itself is sacred and holy
~Pleasure is a portal to enlightenment
~Love is the Highest Purpose

The scientific studies of today have discovered that experiencing pleasure changes the chemistry of the body and brain in ways that are long lasting and permanent. The more you allow yourself to feel the pure enjoyment of being alive in a body, the better your life will feel as your brain is literally rewired to its natural state of well being. 

What about you?….


  • Are you starved for connection and intimacy with real heart?
  • Are you looking for more passion and excitement in your life?
  • Are your basic needs for sweetness and enjoying feminine energy being met?
  • Would you like to feel appreciated, valued, respected by a beautiful, intelligent, fun woman?

If what you seek is love, connection, and companionship then you will treasure our time together for days and weeks after. There are no accidents; there is a reason you are on this website at this particular moment in your life. Our time here is short, the time to enjoy life more is now!

Slip away – take time for your most essential needs. Join me in a luxurious, romantic escape. Relax into tender authentic connection with ease, grace, and a deep sense of satisfaction. Journey with me into the bliss and pleasure of being alive.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon!
Come fill up on love….

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“Thank you for a really special time today.  You are a true angel and I felt very comfortable being with you. You treated me with warmth and respect and made me feel like I belonged there.”
D.S. Los Angeles, California

“What an enjoyable time with you yesterday. Thanks for such a beautiful morning. I had this strange sensation all day long, sort of a feeling like I’d had a wonderful dream, but then I’d remember it was actually real. That was not enough time to enjoy your gifts thoroughly! Next time I will plan my day so I can stay longer!”
S.L. Chicago, Illinois

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our last session. I still think about it often and look forward to learning more with you. I want to come and see you when you get back here and have another session together. Please let me know how long you will be in town so we can meet again, thank you so much.”
P.R. Santa Fe, New Mexico